The aims and objectives of the society shall be purely for Charitable Purposes

Meetings & Gatherings

To hold periodical meetings, conferences and social gatherings of Cardiologist.

Education & Training

To engage in public education and training with the objective of improved preventive programmes for the welfare of all.

Health awareness in public

CSI Haryana chapter is being imparting health education and awareness continuously for public.It gives radical change in society in terms of change in habit,motivation and overall patient care management.

Free Camps

CSI Haryana organised free camps for societies, RWA, govt Schools/colleges, corporates and private sector to spread massive awareness on various health issues. CSI organised CME/RTE on various health issues with the experts in field of medical faternity to upgrade current knowledge and skills.

Work for the cause

To work for the cause of enforcement of prohibition and initiate people’s movement against smoking, alcoholism and drug abuse.

Clinical Courses & Demonstartion

To arrange clinical courses, discussions and demonstration on any subject of interest of the society.

World Heart Day, 2018

CSI celebrated World Heart Day with great enthusiasm. It was a 3 day celebration.

Day 1


Day 2

Cycling, Tree Plantation, Exercise

Day 3

Press conference for Public Awareness.

Day 4

World Heart Celebration with the central body in Kolkata.

A Little About Us

CSI was born on the 4th April, 1948 at Calcutta, a long march to a glorious future was flagged off.

It was in 1946, an early summer evening; some of the doyens of Medicine in India were traveling by a train to Asansol in West Bengal to attend the State conference of the Indian Medical Association (IMA). It was like any other summer evening in this part of the country, replete with clamour of men and women engaged in their livelihood, the whistle of the engine and the muttering of the wheels grinding against the track. Beyond the window one could see the roads that ‘spread out like a tedious argument’.

The evening was drawing in with the darkness descending like a ‘patient etherised upon a table’. And then there were political instabilities round the corner. But nothing seemed to deter these gentlemen inside the compartment. For it was a historical moment and they were discussing formation of the Cardiological Society of Bengal.

The Cardiological society of Bengal was thus born on the 11th April, 1946 with Dr. B.C. Roy, the legendary physician (who later on became the Chief Minister of West Bengal) as its first President.

Two years passed by and on the 11th January, 1948, the eminent physicians of India met in Calcutta and decided to form a national Society of the Cardiologists. The decision was conveyed to all the physicians of India interested in Cardiology. The response was overwhelming.

And thus the Cardiological Society of India (CSI) was born on the 4th April, 1948 at Calcutta, a long march to a glorious future was flagged off!.....Read more

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Dr. V.K KatyalOrganising
Dr. Anurag AroraOrganising
Dr. Rajesh RajputCo-Organising Secretary
Dr. Aditya BatraCo-Organising Secretary

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Dr. Anurag Arora
Organising Secretary, CSI-CRC
Secretary CSI Haryana Chapter

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