The aims and objectives of the society shall be purely for Charitable Purposes i.e. to serve the people by providing better treatment of all types of cardiovascular diseases and the advancement of scientific knowledge and research in relation to the Cardiovascular system in all its respect to improve the basic understanding to find better preventive measures and any other objectives of general public utility.

1. To hold periodical meetings, conferences and social gatherings of Cardiologist
2. To arrange clinical courses, discussions and demonstration on any subject of interest of the society
3. To encourage research, teaching and training programmes at various centres
4. To engage in public education and training with the objective of improved preventive programmes for the welfare of all
5. To publish, distribute or otherwise circulate, records, transactions and proceedings of the various meetings and conferences of the society, publish and circulate a Journal (Indian Heart Journal) which shall have a character specially related to the Cardiovascular sciences and shall be the official organ of the Society.
6. To coordinate as necessary and as seen fit with other Societies or Organizations having similar and allied objectives.
7. To raise or acquire funds or property from Central Government, State Government, Non-Government agencies, charitable trusts by way of donations or grants or contribution or by taking loan from public and financial institutions. The funds, properties, assets and all other resources, present and future, of the society shall be utilized for any or all the purposes or objects of the Society as stated in constitution.
8. To erect , maintain, improve or alter and keep in repairing any building occupied by the Society.
9. To do all such other things as are cognate to the objectives of the Society or are incidental or conductive to the attainment of the above objectives
10. To avail loans from the financial institutions/banks to construction building of the society and transportation.
11. To work for the cause of enforcement of prohibition and initiate people’s movement against smoking, alcoholism and drug abuse.
12. To organize camps on environment, pollution control.
13. Society can have any property anywhere in its operational area for the purpose of the Society on lease or purchase in the name of Society.
14. The society shall not be used for the political purpose or any other anti-national activities.
15. The society by its constitution is required to apply its surplus if any or other income for charitable purpose only.